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Respiratory Therapy Setup Kits - RespKits

At Medicina Medical, our goal is to offer our facilities “Excellence in Respiratory Solutions.”

Medicina Medical has developed a comprehensive product to meet the needs of patients admitted with respiratory orders for trach, high oxygen flow and suction therapy. Our RespKits are designed to save the nursing staff time and help reduce the facilities ancillary supply expenses.

The kits come fully assembled to quickly meet the resident’s orders. By having the kits in stock, the nursing staff will no longer have to spend time to locate and piece together supplies wasting critical time to begin the residents prescribed therapy. The facility would reduce expenses on respiratory supplies by not having to buy cases of product when only one device is needed.

The following RespKits are available:

Trach Patient Circuit-Comes fully assembled with attached humidifier bottle, oxygen adapter, oxygen tubing, corrugated tubing, drain bag, aerosol T valve and trach mask. For trach patients prescribed cool aerosol therapy of 21-50%.

High Flow Oxygen Setup-Comes with a Y adapter, non–rebreather mask along with Y adapter and tubing for oxygen mask orders. For patents admitted with high flow oxygen orders of 8-15lpm that will require delivery of liquid oxygen to the facility.

Suction Machine Kit- Fully assembled suction canister and tubing attached for easy setup or supply replacement.

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