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Respiratory Support & Consultation Services

Medicina Medical has created a comprehensive respiratory support services program to meet the needs of high acuity admissions that require respiratory clinical support services and special equipment. Our main focus is to help facility staff provide residents with excellent care to achieve better outcomes.

What the Program Offers:

• The latest advancements in respiratory care equipment. Same day setup for new admits. 

• Onsite consultation with a registered respiratory therapist

•  Initial assessment of new residents available within 24 hours of admission with follow-up visits as needed. 

•  Respiratory therapists will be available 24 hours a day to make recommendations for indicated respiratory care needs. 

•  Respiratory therapists will be available to interact with nurses, nurse care practitioners and physicians as needed. 

•  In servicing on procedures and equipment available upon request accompanied by related educational materials. 

Benefits to Residents and Facility include: 

•  Quality respiratory care will be made available to residents via the facility’s nursing staff in conjunction with a licensed, trained respiratory therapist. 

•  Rapid response to resident’s charging needs will result in improved quality of care and outcome. 

•  Hospitalization and out of bed days will be minimized, resulting in a more cost effective strategy for the management of resident’s requiring respiratory care in house. 

Our comprehensive and rapidly responding respiratory consultation program can be customer tailored to meet the needs of both resident’s and nursing staff in order to achieve quality respiratory care within the facility. Please Contact Us for more information.